Data Simulation Workshop


Rahel Steuri & Gerda Wyssen


February 2, 2024


It was a pleasure to meet you at the “Data Simulation Workshop 2024” in Bern at the Institute of Psychology from the 31.01.2024 - 02.02.2024. Thanks for joining!

On the last page under Ressources you will find the scripts we used and further links.

Enjoy simulating!

Here, you will find the most important information about the course.

Course program

First course day: General introduction in R and RStudio

31st of January 2024


Room: B102, Fabrikstrasse 8, 3012 Bern

This course day is led by Rahel Steuri and Gerda Wyssen. We will give a brief introduction to working with R and RStudio as well as an overview of the key functions for day 2 and 3. Specifically, we will cover how to install R and RStudio, load packages, import data, data wrangling, and data visualization.

If you are proficient (i.e. regular use) in R and RStudio, you can skip this day as we will provide a general introduction only. The content of the introduction can be found here. The script for day 1 will be also available on this website.

Second and third course day: Data simulation with Lisa deBruine

1st and 2nd of February 2024


Lunch break: 12:00-13:00 Lunch will not be provided (Mensa/ Cafeteria is open)

Room: B102, Fabrikstrasse 8, 3012 Bern

During these two course days, Prof. Dr. Lisa DeBruine will give a hands-on introduction to data simulation. It is best to bring your own data to work on during the workshop.

Course prerequisites for day 2 and 3

Please make sure you have everything ready before the beginning of course day 2!

  • R and RStudio installed on a laptop,

  • basic knowledge of R(Studio) and R Markdown,

  • installed packages ({faux}, {afex}, {broom}, {broom.mixed}, {tidyverse}, {lme4} and {rmarkdown}),

  • download these 2 Rmarkdown-files (file1 and file2 and knit both of them - if that works out fine all packages are installed correctly and you are set up.

  • if available: bring your own data sets, information on planned analyses, etc.

(Support for installing R and RStudio/ packages, knit Rmarkdown-files and a basic introduction in R will be provided on January 31 at the first day of this course.)

About: Prof. Lisa DeBruine

Lisa DeBruine is a professor of psychology at the University of Glasgow School of Psychology and Neuroscience. She created the R package {faux} to facilitate data simulation for multilevel modelling.

For more information, visit:


For further questions and course registration, please contact

If you wish to join day 1 only (introduction to R and RStudio), please contact Jeannette Gatschet.

Certificate of attendance

We can provide you with a certificate of attendance upon request.